Aug 17 2011


So I’ll be revamping this site before 2012 and hopefully have a weekly updating webcomic for you guys before the world ends. I could use more volunteers so if anyone knows someone willing to help build a webcomic let me know.

Jul 7 2011

No Dice

So, I’m a Game Master for a group of nerds and geeks in the DFW area. I award bonus XP to anyone who brings snacks or drinks for the group. Now, it’s not a lot of XP, just a little something on the side to encourage people to pitch in. I sort of see this as helping the gaming environment and therefore helping the story. No different than awarding roleplaying XP right? Wrong. One of my players, we’ll call him Thaylod, gets it in his head to buy me one of my favorite drinks: a huge monster. I’m grateful but I remind him I can’t award him bonus XP for just getting me a drink as that would be unethical. It has to be something for the whole group. Then he gives me this look like he wonders if he can get the drink back or if I would be willing to split it with the entire gaming group. I shake my head and whisper “no dice.” Then I smile, thank him for the monster and take a huge gulp. After all, it would be unethical of me to award players for catering specifically to me outside of the game world. Let this be a lesson to you who seek to break the game by bribery. For I am the LAWFUL GM. Defender of truth, enforcer of justice, master of games, drinker of monsters, slayer of spiders and twiddler of thumbs. Mwahaha!


PS: Sorry about that, Thaylod, in retrospect I was kind of a dick.

Jul 3 2011

What’s all this ruckus?

So, I have a scanner again and webcomics will be returning to soon! Interesting fact: I have a beautiful wonderful girlfriend who keeps insisting I should update this more and I agree. A webcomic of my own was always something I loved and I’ll start to rust if I don’t break out my writing and comedy skills. What’s frustrating is the artwork. It’s hard to be the webhost, writer and artist all in one. It’d be easier if I were getting paid for it. :P

For those interested in the tabletop RPG I’m designing, there is a facebook group for it:

Betatesting will resume next year as we are working out a lot of kinks and I’m constantly wandering about like a hungry hobo begging artists to work for me for free. Anyone interested in being an artistic intern? I’d like to hear from anyone interested.

Jun 7 2011

Tabletops on Desktops

There’s nothing like playing a tabletop roleplaying game with friends on a weekend after a stressful week of work, school and relationships. There’s a soul-soothing sensation to being able to ease into one’s own imagination and take on the role of a heroic character much like the person you always wished you could be. There’s something to be said about roleplaying games and the way they capture people’s imaginations the same way well written novels do but with an interactive flare not available in any other media. Tabletop RPGs allow gamers to socially interact with storytellers and contribute to stories as well as take on roles of characters in stories. For many people this is something strange but for those who are “in the know” there is an unspoken understanding of this phenomena. It can be addicting, engaging, uplifting and even enlightening. Recently there’s been a second boom in the tabletop RPG realm and it seems that more and more of the public is becoming familiar with tabletop RPGs. However, with so many out there to choose from, it’s difficult to get people to unify under one game system to actually play games regularly. Recently, a new phenomena has begun appearing in the tabletop RPG community: video conferencing. Even though video conferencing has been around for a while, only recently has it picked up in popularity amongst tabletop RPGers. Online gaming has been around a while as well but always lacked the flare of seeing people face to face. Real social interaction is important for capturing a lot of the emotion and subtlety of roleplaying. This leaves one to wonder where tabletop RPGs are headed. Obviously video games have improved with interactivity in MMORPGs and competitive FPS games and now it seems tabletop RPGs are improving with their ability to reach people outside normal social interaction and across the world wide web. It makes one think that soon the gaming genres will inevitably fuse together in cyberspace just as more and more other aspects of our social lives do from online dating to random chats. Until then, try to remember to bring your own dice to the table.

Feb 12 2011


So, I’ve decided since I seem to lack the time and dedication to update a webcomic regularly, I should at least put my writing skills to work.

I had an interesting turn of events unfold in my life as of recently. I saw old friends, reconciled with family and decided to pull myself out of this rut and back on my feet. Of course the first step to escaping a rut is changing your current habits and environment. I chose to clean the house. As I was filing through a seemingly endless supply of paper-filled boxes and laundry I came across a familiar box full of cards from birthdays, graduations and holidays past. As I sifted through these cards I recognized names I had long forgotten and others I was completely lost as to who sent them. Seeing the old cards I started to feel a wave of emotions I hadn’t felt in some time. A hope for a joyful future I used to have as a child but I lost as I grew older. Reading the reminders I think I remember why I kept them. I didn’t want to forget that feeling of hope for the future. After all, help and hope is really the only thing that keeps a human going in adversity and you can’t rely on someone to help you all the time. So, even as I did my Spring cleaning there were some I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. So here’s to hope for the future. May the future bring us many more years of adventure and experiences. Cheers.

Nov 25 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jul 11 2010

Table Top RPG

So, the reason I vanished several months ago is because I’ve moved all my efforts from my webcomic to a new tabletop RPG that my brother and I have been working on. We intend to publish in a couple of months. I’m the game designer and business manager and he’s the story writer and head artist. It’s been rough and has taken a lot of work and I’m still faced with the unsettling “customer risk” all producers must be concerned with, but I feel we’ve come up with an incredible game that will shine in the continually expanding RPG market. I am planning to update the webcomic once winter rears its head again and boy do I have plans.

Jan 28 2010


So the site has not been updated in a while but I have been working on comics. I’ve recently been working on other projects and learning a lot about photoshop so the site is under a lot of maintenance and updates will be coming soon. For now, check out the new logo:


Yeah, we thought it was pretty cool too.

Nov 20 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

happy-thanksgiving_11-20-09 tasty delicious murderers...

Nov 13 2009

Twinkle: New Mooning

Wizards, long as it isn't safe, normal or trustworthy, teenagers love it.

Wizards, long as it isn't safe, normal or trustworthy, teenagers love it.